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Samsung V-NAND Flash


Samsung SSD 850 Pro is the first drive utilizing 3D vertical NAND. Vertical NAND construction provides higher cells density. Memory cells are stacked on top of each other. Such 3D structure allows manufacturing memory with larger process node. Combination of higher density with less expensive technology helps reducing manufacturing costs.

REATISS has performed Construction Analysis (CA) on this new flash memory of Samsung SSD 850 Pro (K9HQGY8S5M / K9LPGY8S1M / K9ADGD8S0A).

Construction Analysis reveals that Samsung SSD 850 Pro 128 GB contains Samsung K9HQGY8S5M and Samsung K9LPGY8S1M components. Both of them contain four and two Samsung K9ADGD8S0A VNAND dice respectively. Further CA dive into Samsung K9ADGD8S0A shows 3 interconnect metal layers and 38 stacked tungsten control gates. Access transistors also have vertical structure and use tungsten layer as a gate. There are also conventional planar poly gate 300 nm transistors located outside the memory array. Detailed cross-section images, measurements, and material analysis of Samsung K9HQGY8S5M / K9LPGY8S1M / K9ADGD8S0A could be found in REATISS CA report. The latest report is available on demand.

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