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Services Patent Mining

REATISS provides support services for IP licensing teams by identifying the patent portfolio structure and discovering patents with the highest potential for finding evidences of use.

Based on expert review and analysis ranked patents list is compiled. Ranking criteria include patent detectability by the RE techniques and likelihood of its use in the industry. The same approach allows identifying the most valuable patent assets in the portfolio in terms of purchase perspectives or licensing potential.

REATISS has extensive patents analysis expertise in the fields of IC process, package, and circuit and system design.

The following phased approach allows maximizing the value and minimizing the cost of the service:

  • Patent portfolio review and ranking. Review and ranking of patents, their claims and viability of finding Evidence of Use.
  • Evidence of Use investigation. Further analysis of high-ranked patents and respective targeted products. Search and investigation of potential Evidence of Use based on available targeted product specifications and/or available reverse engineering data.
  • Optional. Reverse Engineering Phase. Focused reverse engineering upon agreed targeted product, scope, schedule and pricing. This phase allows getting stronger Evidence of Use when results of investigation at previous phase are not conclusive.
  • Patent Evidence of Use (Claim Charts) documentation. Detailed claim analysis and claim mapping on targeted products.
Patent Mining
Patent Mining
Patent Mining
Patent Mining