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Labs Imaging Lab

REATISS Imaging Lab performs imaging of integrated circuits and stitching of large quantity of obtained images into a high-resolution images database. Lab is equipped with modern SEM and optical microscopes operating under control of in-house developed software.

Advanced software tools used on stages of imaging, images stitching, and image processing allow getting results that exceed equipment limits. High-resolution imaging is performed 24/7 in automated mode and this allows imaging group to aggregate up to 5k optical images and up to 10k SEM images per layer.

Synchronization of digital layers reaches one pixel accuracy overall for the layer.

In images processing and stitching sophisticated techniques are used to compensate optical and SEM distortions and allow arrange images into a seamless, multi-layer, high-resolution image database.

REATISS provides on-demand access to the images databases via internet for the layout browsing and analysis.